The Upper Midwest Manure Handling Expo, held on Wednesday at the Central Iowa Expo Site near Boone, Iowa, went off without a hitch. People from around the country joined the 57 exhibitors in central Iowa for a day filled with educational seminars, field demonstrations and exhibitor displays. Approximately 1,000 people were in attendance for the Manure Expo including individuals from at least 14 US states and six Canadian Provinces.

A highlight from the Manure Expo included the vendor dry and liquid handling demonstrations.

“Fourteen manufacturers demonstrated their equipment in front of a large crowd of interested expo attendees under field like conditions. The demonstrations generated good response from the crowd resulting in more exhibitor/customer interaction,” said Ross Muhlbauer, field demonstrations emcee and Expo planning committee member. There were a total of eight dry manure handling equipment demonstrations and nine liquid manure handling demonstrations with ride and drive opportunities afterwards.

Educational seminars, used by some for certification as a Commercial Nutrient Applicators, included talks on Managing Biosecurity on Swine Farms during Manure Removal, H2S Management during Manure Removal from Swine Deep Pits, Advances in Subsurface Application of Solid Manures, Iowa CAFO/AFO Regulation Update, Research Review of the Solid and Liquid Manure Application on Fro- zen Ground, and Managing Manure Application over Tile. Robert Burns, professor at Iowa State Uni- versity and event coordinator stated, “The educational sessions were very well attended. They provided the most up-to-date information on several topics of interest to manure applicators and animal feeding operation owners and operators.”

The Expo was co-hosted by Iowa State University Extension and The Iowa Commercial Nutrient Ap- plicators Association (ICNAA). The planning committee consisted of ICNAA board members and the Agricultural Waste Management Team from the ISU Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department.

The Iowa State University Agricultural Waste Management Team lead by Dr. Burns, provides educa- tional short courses throughout the year. Their next short course will be held in conjunction with the World Dairy Expo and is titled, “Energy Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Manure”. To view more information on this and other events offered through the Agricultural Waste Management Lab at Iowa State University, visit

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