Application of Liquid Manure on Snow/Frozen Ground and Dry Bedded Livestock Regulations

The Governor signed SF 432, the bill regulating liquid manure application on frozen ground and dry bedding, into law on May 26, 2009.

ICNAA supported this legislation because it clarifies liquid manure application practices and simplifies the current Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) rule proposal. The EPC proposed rule called forth a complete prohibition of  liquid manure application during the three months of the winter, regardless of environmental conditions or emergency needs.

Thanks to the Governor signing SF 432 into law, there is now a science-based approach for surface application of liquid manure from a confinement animal feeding operation for snow covered and frozen ground. This is a significant step forward from the ill-conceived approach the EPC had attempted to establish through regulation.

The second portion of this bill creates a new code chapter (459B) referred to as the “Animal Agriculture Compliance Act for Dry Bedded Confinement Feeding Operations”. This part of the bill regulates dry bedded confinement feeding operations (DBCFO) for animals (cattle and swine) that typically use what are called “hoop buildings.” The new law will regulate stock piling separation distances and terms and conditions for storage and handling.

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